Monday, September 9, 2013

FBI Fitness Instructor

Meet E.J. He’s a fitness instructor at the FBI Academy. He talks about his job and why you should keep moving.

In this episode, we visit the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. They have the National Academy Training Program, which is a 10 week course for police men and women from all over the U.S. Meet. E.J.
E.J.: A typical day at the FBI Academy for me would be, probably half the day spent teaching, researching as well as maybe an afternoon of hands-on activity. Our FBI agent trainees, as well as staff and our National Academy students, which are our basically our cops and our military, we prepare them and I think focus more on movement mechanics [how the body moves], working on [using your] basic body weight: pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, bracing type activities to prepare them for any athletic endeavor.
Mark: I’m going through the FBI National Academy, which is an executive leadership course with three main components being physical fitness, networking and academics [classes]. We have usually four classes a day. Three times to four times a week, we do physical fitness. E.J. brings out the best in you as far as wanting to excel, wanting you to bring the best out of yourself and giving you the reasons why it’s important.
Advice for Kids
I think this is an amazing career for kids to get into. The health and fitness industry [area] is growing by leaps and bounds. I encourage them to out work their competition as well as all the habits that they do as a 7-13 year old kid will produce longevity [a long life] and durability [to perform over a long period].
To stay injury free, is just moving in all types of directions and really getting better with their body weight is really fundamental.
Mark: Keep yourself grounded. 1. Pay attention in school. Do your studies. You’re going to be judged a lot on by how you speak and how you write. 2. Stay active, stay mobile. XBox isn’t the answer, get outside and play.

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